Hoof Beet Farm is a diversifying farm located just north of Dallas Center, Iowa.  The 3.5 acre property and accompanying 1915 farmhouse have been undergoing significant renovations since 2013 (progress on the house was documented over on this blog), and 2016 marks the first year the farm is open for business!

This year I’m offering half-share CSA memberships (which are sold out! sorry!) and pastured poultry, both by the share (10 birds) and by the bird.

This is also the first year that I’m employing my pony for some of the chores around the farm.  I’m hoping he’ll not only help lighten the load of some of the things I do myself – like hauling heavy things – but eventually he’ll also help me reduce my dependency on gas-powered machinery.

The Red pony’s first time pulling something in his new farm harness.


Here’s my first time pulling something…click to learn more about me!